The Karam Forum

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The Karam Forum

Trinity International University | Deerfield, IL
March 02, 2017 - March 03, 2017
Greg Forster, Ph.D.
Director, Oikonomia Network
Visiting Assistant Professor of Faith and Culture
Trinity International University
PH: (847) 317-8106
The Karam Forum (an Oikonomia Network event) is a two-day gathering for theological educators and Christian academics. Leading Bible and theology scholars will help you train a new generation of Christians who follow King Jesus by loving their neighbors in their daily tasks. Faithful discipleship to Christ involves working every day in homes, workplaces, and communities to help God's world flourish.

Join Kevin Vanhoozer, Con Campbell, Darrell Bock, Amy Sherman, Tom Nelson, Bruce Fields, Chris Brooks, Celeste Cranston, Mark Roberts, and many more at Trinity International University (March 2-3, 2017) for a fruitful time of insight, networking, and equipping.

Karam, the Hebrew verb meaning "to tend vineyards," communicates the vast range of work that goes into creating a healthy and flourishing vineyard. Vineyards need tending – bearing fruit, flourishing, requires careful and creative work.

Throughout the Old Testament, Israel is described as a vineyard, a people planted and tended by God. The gleaning laws require that vineyards be places where people of all social stations have the opportunity to flourish interdependently, through a combination of generosity and diligent work. Most important to us is our Lord's uses of the vineyard image. In particular, Christ said that he was the vine and we were his branches. This image sums up the Oikonomia Network's commitment to whole-life discipleship as the root of all we do.

For more information, details, and registration please visit The Karam Forum webpage.