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Programs and Services - Office of Professional Development & Research
Tuition Waiver Exchange Program
Networking Communities


International Forum on Christian Higher Education (Quadrennial)

This is the largest gathering of those within Christ-centered higher education. Every four years, the CCCU invites all who share an interest in Christian higher education to an all-encompassing event. The International Forum combines the annual peer group conferences for the 09-10 academic year and calls participants to fellowship and gain vision in one common space.

The Annual Presidents Conference

The CCCU hosts an annual conference for the presidents of member and affiliate campuses. This conference provides an opportunity for campus presidents to be updated on issues, encouraged in their leadership roles and to network with peers who understand the challenges they face in leading a Christian college or university. This conference is hosted in conjunction with one of two annual CCCU board of director meetings and also serves as the annual business meeting.

Peer Groups (Annual)

The CCCU is pleased to organize and host annual conferences in service to specific administrative peer groups. The program of each conference is created by the respective peer group commission, and the CCCU thanks each commission for its service to their peer group.
• Critical Concerns for Chief Enrollment Officers
• Financial Aid Administrators Conference
• Campus Ministers Conference
• Chief Institutional Advancement Officers Conference
• Senior Student Development Officers Conference
• Chief Academic Officers Conference
• Chief Financial Officers Conference
• PR / Communications Conference


The CCCU is introducing a webinars as the newest service that we will provide to the CCCU membership. These online events will extend the scope of our conferences and events to cover new topics and timely issues in ways that are limited for on-site meetings. Visit the Conferences & Events section of the CCCU Web site to find out more about the type of offerings and the dates of upcoming webinars.


Academic conferences provide an association-wide opportunity for professional development and insight into a specific academic discipline or theme.

New Faculty

This annual workshop is an opportunity for new faculty to see examples of integrating faith and learning in their respective disciplines and to develop a network of peers across the CCCU.


Discipline-specific workshops provide an opportunity for depth
of research and dialogue with peers from across the CCCU.


Women’s Leadership

The Women’s Leadership Development Institute (WLDI) is intended to identify and equip individuals who have been gifted and called by God to senior positions in Christian higher education. The WLDI is a five-day summer Institute guided by veteran facilitators.


Leadership Development Institute (LDI), is a multi-year project to strengthen the leadership of Christian higher education.
Since 1996, the LDI has now served more than 300 of our presidents, senior administrators, deans and emerging leaders.
* Governance & New Presidents Institutes are directed by the Office of the President.


Comprehensive Assessment Project (CAP)

The Comprehensive Assessment Project (CAP) promotes improvement and innovation across 120 member institutions. We are working together to collect and understand outcomes assessment and student satisfaction information from our schools. We use comparative information to help us locate strengths on individual campuses and within evangelical Christian higher education. CAP objectives are:
  • To collect and understand outcomes assessment and student satisfaction information from our schools
  • To locate strengths on individual campuses and within evangelical Christian higher education generally
In addition to the research coordinated by CAP we also facilitate the following research or surveys:
Confidential Compensation Survey
Enrollment Survey
Faculty Salary Survey
Financial Aid Survey
Graduation and Retention Rates (CAP)
President’s Compensation Survey
Profile Information
Tuition Survey
Even Years:

Alumni Survey (Spring) (2018, 2020, 2022)
Thriving Quotient (TQ) (2018, 2020, 2022)

Odd Years:
SSI (Student Satisfaction Inventory) (2017, 2019, 2021)
NSSE (Registration in Fall; Administration in Spring) (2019, 2021, 2023)
Faculty Survey 


Networking Grants

The purpose of these annual programs is to enable small groups of Christian scholars to network in ways that will lead to collaborative scholarship that is significantly informed by a Christian perspective, and that addresses themes of interest to the larger academy.

Mini-Grants on Free-Market Economics: Scholarship, Teaching & Practice

The purpose of this mini-grant program is to enhance the effectiveness in the teaching, scholarship and practice of market economics for business and economics faculty (and select others) at CCCU member institutions.

Tuition Waiver Exchange Program

The Council’s Tuition Waiver Exchange Program is open to dependents of full-time faculty, staff and/or administrators who have been at the sending institution for one full year prior to TWEP participation, or according to guidelines defined by each of the participating CCCU member institutions. Each participating college agrees to accept at least one (with a recommendation of three) new student from other participating institutions. Students admitted under the program are automatically renewed for up to four years as long as the student remains in good standing with the receiving institution and at least one parent remains a full-time employee of a participating member institution. To see a list of participating CCCU member institutions, visit the CCCU Web site.


The office of development provides sponsors, foundations and individuals with opportunities to partner with the mission of the CCCU.
  •   Sponsors support the CCCU through conferences, events, publications and a variety of uniquely crafted opportunities.
  •   Foundations are catalysts towards new initiatives and programs that will help to further the mission of the CCCU.
  •   Individuals can support the CCCU through choosing to partner in key giving categories (Friend, Partner, Leader, Advocate, Collaborator, President’s Circle) to support the work of the CCCU and its BestSemester student programs.

Networking Communities

Networking Communities are traditional list-servs (e-lists) and more. The CCCU Networking Communities enable peers across CCCU campuses to collaborate with each other in community groups via list-servs and with new tools including blogs, wikis, community directories and a group-based file library to share documents and other resources.