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Programs and Services - Office of the President
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Services to Presidents
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Peer Groups, Advisory Commissions and Senior Fellows

Services to Trustees

Governance Institute

This is a three-day program held in mid-July each summer to provide an opportunity for member institutions presidents and board chairs to attend a program together dealing with best practices in governance specifically for Christian colleges and universities. The program is designed to allow the president and board chair to collaborate as a team in a group setting with other campus teams to develop 1) a strong respect for good governance principles; 2) respect for the unique yet complimentary roles of each; 3) a stronger personal relationship for working together well; and 4) specific ideas for follow-up when they return to their home campus.

CCCU National Conference for Member Trustees

This is a proposed new program that will be held annually. It is planned to be held as a one-day post-conference meeting in conjunction with the Association of Governing Boards annual national conference. The program will focus on governance and governance related issues unique to Christ-centered
colleges and universities.

CCCU Trustee Development Curriculum

This proposed new program has been initiated with a pilot module through grant funds and further development will be dependent on additional grant funding. It is designed to provide a ten-unit curriculum highlighting a carefully identified group of best practice topics. The programs will be packaged for ease of use with the intent that individual institutions will be able to use the material in their regular board meetings to provide a 30-minute segment for on-going continuing education for their board members. Each unit will include a brief four-page leaflet with the essential information about the best practice topic, a brief DVD presentation to provide further information on the governance topic, and discussion suggestions for stimulating a Q & A session.

Board Workshops for Individual Institutions

These workshops are tailored to the needs of individual institutions and are conducted at the site of the institutions regular board meeting or board retreat. We use an online survey to secure board member input on particular topics, provide a workbook for each trustee to keep with best practice materials by topic, and present the material in a facilitating style with significant interaction throughout. The workshops are generally two days, but a one-day version is also available.

Board Consultation

We provide consultation to boards on a wide variety of topics on an as-needed basis.

Board Mediation

We can provide counsel and assistance to boards on those rare occasions when internal board conflicts develop that have led or may lead to board dysfunction.

Presidential Search Consultation

We provide counsel and assistance to boards when a president departs and the board is exploring options of how best to proceed with the presidential search process.

Presidential and Board Assessments

We encourage boards to perform annual assessments of their president and of their board that are brief and relatively simple,
and periodic assessments that are more detailed and complex. We provide counsel and assistance to boards in planning or conducting the annual or periodic presidential or board assessments.

International Forum on Christian Higher Education

This meeting is held every four years and is attended by trustees, presidents, administrators, faculty, students, alumni and friends of Christian higher education. The program is structured to deal with major contemporary issues and themes of the Christian higher education movement. The National Presidents Conference and most peer group conferences are collapsed into the Forum during years in which the Forum is held, rather than conducting their individual meetings that year.
* See also Professional Development & Research Conferences International Forum on Christian Higher Education

Services to Presidents

New Presidents Institute

This three-day program held each year provides an excellent orientation to newly elected presidents or those serving in interim presidential roles.

The Annual Presidents Conference*

This annual conference is held in Washington, D.C. each year typically at the end of January and just prior to the annual meeting of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU). The program is designed by a committee of presidents to deal with topics and issues of contemporary significance to our member and affiliate presidents.
* See also Professional Development & Research Conferences The Annual Presidents Conference

Special Topical Meetings/Conferences

The Council conducts a wide range of special topic meetings on an as-needed basis.

Presidential Consultation

We provide counsel and advice on a wide range of topics on an as-needed basis.

Team Building Workshops

We provide workshops for senior leadership groups such as the presidents cabinet to assist in team building, planning retreats, or similar group facilitations.

Administrative Assessments

We provide counsel and assistance in formulating, conducting,
or administering assessments of administrative areas or individual administrators.

Washington-based Assistance

We provide basic assistance for campuses needing to make a Washington contact and we provide assistance to presidents desiring more intense help from the plethora of
Washington-based firms.

Advocacy and Public Policy

We are committed to providing strong public policy advocacy focused on the unique need of our institutions to sustain religious liberty rights necessary to offer a holistic Christ-centered education.We place a high priority on our commitment to advocate for federal and state laws and policies, as well as for policies set by accreditation or regulatory bodies, that enable our institutions to function as Christ-centered institutions in areas such as behavioral expectations and our crucial right to hire as full-time faculty members and administrators (non-hourly staff) only persons who profess faith in Jesus Christ.

International Christian Higher Education

The motivation for the founding of the Council came out of a powerful desire to see Christ-centered higher education as more than a collection of individual institutions but as a movement. With the increasingly global nature of our times, the movement needs to respond. The rapid rise of the Christian faith in Africa and Asia in particular are evidence of the Spirit of God working powerfully throughout the world, and we desire to assist with the advance of Christ-centered higher education globally.

Distinguished Volunteer Corps

The CCCU has a rich array of leaders who have served Christ-centered higher education and can provide volunteer strategic leadership to campuses around the world. The creation of this program will provide a pool of volunteers who can serve as advisors/consultants, primarily to international institutions of Christian higher education affiliated with the CCCU. The consultants, known as the Distinguished Volunteer Corp (DVC), will be shared with our international affiliates through a Web-based platform on the CCCU website to facilitate connecting international affiliates seeking assistance with North American experts offering voluntary service. We are inviting former presidents of CCCU North American institutions to serve in the DVC.

Peer Groups, Advisory Commissions and Senior Fellows

The Council believes in the use of interested volunteers with appropriate expertise to provide the president with counsel
and advice. The president is authorized to appoint Commissions, Committees, and Senior Fellows; identify their duties and responsibilities; and provide for their oversight. All such appointments are at the discretion of the president.

Commissions are ongoing advisory groups; Committees are either temporary groups for task-specific assignments or longer term groups for ongoing issues; and Senior Fellows are volunteers who are appointed to assist the Council on special issues/projects. The president is an ex-officio member of each advisory Commission/Committee and will assign a senior staff member as liaison to the Commissions and Committees. Senior Fellows normally work directly with the president.
Advisory Commissions
  • Student Academic Programs Commission (SAPC)
  • Professional Development & Research
  • Advancing Intercultural Competencies
  • International Higher Education
  • Committee on Public Policy
Peer Group Commissions
  • Campus Ministry Directors
  • Chief Academic Officers
  • Chief Enrollment Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Institutional Advancement Officers
  • Chief Student Development Officers
  • Financial Aid Administrators
  • Public Relations Officers
  • Technology Officers
Senior Fellows
  • Jay Kesler, Taylor University (President Emeritus)
  • Keith Anderson, Mars Hill Graduate School
  • David Brandt, George Fox University (President Emeritus)
  • Joel Carpenter, Calvin College
  • Rich Gathro, Nyack College
  • David Gyertson, Regent University
  • Harold Heie, Gordon College
  • Dwight Jessup, Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology
  • Karen Longman, Azusa Pacific University
  • Kina Mallard, Gordon College
  • Jim Mannoia, Greenville College (retired)
  • Tom McWhertor, Christian Reformed World Relief
  • Steve Moore, Murdock Trust
  • Dean Nelson, Point Loma Nazarene University
  • Laurie Schreiner, Azusa Pacific University