2016-17 Scholar’s Retreat Participants Selected; Applications Available for 2017-18

September 28, 2016
Charles Hannema, associate professor of business at Bethel University
Charles A. Hannema, associate professor of business at Bethel University
Karen D. Crozier, director of faculty development and diversity and associate professor of practicial theology at Fresno Pacific University
WASHINGTON – Two faculty members from CCCU campuses have each received a semester-long retreat opportunity at a fully furnished cottage on the shores of Lake Michigan. This opportunity, provided by the CCCU in partnership with the Issachar Fund, will enable these scholars to make strides in their respective research. Applications for 2017-18 are currently being accepted.

Charles A. Hannema, associate professor of business at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, will spend the fall semester examining the ethical tensions and tradeoffs that occur in the acquisition and application of data to help business improve their decision-making. 

“If we as Christians don’t speak into setting some boundaries around what’s appropriate for acquisition as well as application of data, businesses may tend to push the limits, and we may end up with either hyper-regulatory intervention to prevent that or data that is violating our standards of what we think is appropriate boundaries,” Hannema said.

Though he hopes his work will be useful to those already working in business, Hannema’s main focus is to share his findings with his students when he returns to the classroom. 

“Part of the outcome I’m trying to derive from this is helping educate the next generation of Christian business leaders as to how to walk those ethical lines, how to establish ethical boundaries, in an emerging market of data that’s unproven,” he said.

In the spring, Karen D. Crozier, director of faculty development and diversity and an associate professor of practical theology at Fresno Pacific University in Fresno, California, will be studying the life and work of Fannie Lou Hamer, a leader in civil and human rights who also had a commitment to caring for creation. Crozier hopes her research and scholarship on Hamer’s leadership will inspire others to find creative, faithful responses to addressing some of the most pressing climate needs in the 21st century. 

“[My research will especially focus on] how creation care and environmental justice from those who are the socially, politically and economically disenfranchised, like Mrs. Hamer, offer a creative religious leadership model in caring for God’s grand, diverse creation,” Crozier said. 

The project has a particularly personal touch for Crozier; like Hamer, who was a second-generation sharecropper, Crozier’s father and grandparents farmed both in Mississippi and California’s Central Valley. “I am grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to recover Hamer’s creation care leadership ethic and possibly insights into my own past,” she said. 

Apply Now for 2017-18 Scholars’ Retreat
Faculty interested in applying for the Scholars’ Retreat can apply for a 6-week block, a full semester or a full year and must be working on a project in one of the Issachar Fund’s four areas of inquiry: creation and the world of science; medical care and human dignity; human flourishing in a technological world; or creation care. The project can address one or more of these matters from a variety of perspectives, including theological, philosophical, literary and sociological, to name a few.

Located just fifteen minutes from downtown Holland, Michigan, and only a few hundred feet off the beach, the 1,350-square-foot cottage will provide a comfortable environment for study and writing and is large enough to accommodate a small family. Rent and utilities will be covered for the duration of the stay, and a per diem will be offered, in addition to other benefits. 

In addition, the scholar’s home institution will receive funds to help defray institutional costs associated with providing a leave. 

For more information or to begin the application process, click here. Applications for the 2017-18 year are due March 13, 2017.


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