CCCU Launches Search for New Vice President for Finance and Administration

February 22, 2016

WASHINGTON – The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities is hiring a vice president for finance and administration as its current vice president, Walter Miller, will be taking on a new role at the University of North Carolina.

“This move will allow my wife and I to be near the support of family and for me to travel less as we raise our son. I feel a loss in this decision because I love the work of the CCCU, find President Shirley Hoogstra and the team to be outstanding professionals and have learned significantly from them, and I fully support the cause of Christian higher education,” Miller said.

In a note sent to CCCU staff and partners after Miller’s announcement, CCCU President Shirley V. Hoogstra expressed full support of Miller’s decision:

Walter shared with me in the middle of January that he was the finalist for a position in finance and IT at UNC. I knew that they were going to offer him the job because he is one of the best people in both finance and IT that they would be able to find. And in addition, Walter is of sterling character, and I would be honored to speak about his service to the CCCU. Walter’s life changed when Jax was added to his and Heather’s life. He is utterly smitten with that little boy. And so it should be. The UNC job allows him to be closer to home and requires no travel. For Walter, Heather and Jax, this is just right, just now.

I was able to process my sadness that our team at the CCCU was going to be without Walter’s talent, humor and – let’s just say it – his southern accent. Yet, I want each person in our organization to flourish and to be obedient to calls on their lives. That’s how we live exciting, faith-building, submitted-to-Jesus lives. And the CCCU believes that when God has a plan for one person, he has a plan for the organization as well. So we will say “goodbye” to the full time, Washington, D.C. Walter during those last days in March. Because Walter loves the CCCU, he is going to stay on for 10 hours a month to orient the new Vice President the Lord is going to send us and to answer the questions that may arise between now and when we hire the new person.

Please pray for our search team as we get the job description out and as we begin interviewing new folks in the next 30 days, Lord willing.

Applicants interested in joining the CCCU should apply online through the posting on The position shall remain open until filled, with preference given to those who apply by March 14, 2016. The application process is confidential. Only final candidates meet with others outside of the search committee. For more information, visit the job posting.


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