Faith and Learning Integration

Faith and Learning Integration Course

Those interested in registering for the course should email the Center for Learning and Innovation at Indiana Wesleyan University at to be enrolled. Please include a first and last name, email, and institution name.

Developed in cooperation with Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU), the course offers CCCU institutions an interactive way for faculty to better understand how to integrate their faith into their teaching.

This new course offers a broad base of faith integration topics divided into four modules: the history and culture of Christian higher education, the academic vocation of the teacher-scholar, the integration of faith and learning, and moral development. Each module is divided into five sessions and includes a mixture of video, session summary readings, audio recordings of the summaries and questions for discussion. There is also a set of discussion blogs faculty can use to facilitate discussion.

Six CCCU authors collaborated on the course content, including: Perry L. Glanzer, professor of educational administration and educational foundations at Baylor University; Douglas Jacobsen, professor of church history and theology at Messiah College; Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen, professor of psychology and director of faculty development at Messiah College; Todd C. Ream, professor of higher education at Taylor University; William Ringenberg, professor of history at Taylor University; and Susan VanZanten, professor of English at Seattle Pacific University.


Faith and Learning Integration Channel

In November of 2012, the Council launched the Faith and Learning Integration Channel, a peer-reviewed online video archive. It features CCCU faculty modeling classroom strategies for integrating faith and learning across the disciplines, providing both an opportunity for faculty development and a potential resource for instructional content.


The Project

FLIC is a peer-reviewed online video archive of faculty across the disciplines modeling classroom strategies for integrating faith and learning.  The FLIC collection provides a shared faculty development and instructional resource for faculty across the CCCU:

  • Faculty Development: The FLIC videos will supplement faculty development efforts already in place by offering new full-time faculty and adjunct instructors pedagogical examples of faith/learning integration.  The archive offers developing teachers multiple examples of what Christian college and university professors actually do in the classroom when they intentionally engage connections between their faith and their scholarship.
  • Content Resource: Along with modeling pedagogical strategies for faith/learning integration, the videos also serve as a potential resource for material that professors might incorporate into their own instruction.  For example, instructors might choose to embed one of these short videos into their online or in-class course material in order to support or illustrate a key concept that they address in a course lecture.