Leadership Development Institutes

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Each year, the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities offers Leadership Institutes.  We are happy to announce that we plan to host two Leadership Institutes in June 2017.

You can begin the application process by completing our online form found here. 

2017 Institutes

Multi-Ethnic Leadership Development Institute (M-E LDI)
June 12-16, 2017

M-E LDI specifically engages emerging leaders who are people of color.  An application, including two reference letters, is required to participate.  

Approximately 25 emerging leaders will be selected to participate in the 2017 M-E LDI, which offers the following components:

  • A year-long leadership development program that begins with the June 12-16 Institute at Cedar Springs.

  • An individually-tailored “shadowing” experience of 2-3 days with a senior-level leader on another CCCU campus

  • Professional networking with 20-25 current and emerging leaders

  • An introduction to cutting-edge leadership literature and research

  • A one-on-one meeting with a Resource Team member to outline a year-long Professional Development Plan

  • Opportunities to interact about Leadership Lessons, Case Studies, and Best Practices from within and beyond Christian higher education

Again, please consider nominating individuals on your campus (or who might be considering moving into Christian higher education) for this professional development opportunity. 

Women's Advanced Leadership Institute (WALI)
June 16-20, 2017

Since 1998, the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities has offered Leadership Development Institutes (LDIs) and Women’s Leadership Development Institutes (WLDIs) every other year with the goal of  equipping and encouraging individuals identified as having potential for future senior-level administrative leadership.  In 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015 women who are “graduates” of these LDI programs have been invited to return for a professional development opportunity that includes presentations and interaction related to the latest leadership literature, research, and “best practices” across Christian higher education and beyond.  These CCCU offerings are hosted by Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Center, located 1½ hours north of Seattle near the Canadian border.  

About the 2017 Women’s Advanced Leadership Institute: 
As all of North American higher education faces a daunting confluence of challenges, creative problem solving is imperative if our institutions are to remain financially viable and thrive into the future.  The June 2017 Women’s Advanced Leadership Institute (held June 16-20) will focus on the topic of “Leading Change,” drawing in part from Ron Heifetz’s concept of “deep, adaptive change.”  By the conclusion of this WALI, our goal is to have prepared and send out 30 women leaders who are energized and knowledgeable about how to lead innovative and constructive change on their campuses.  Please consider participating with a colleague or two from your campus who share a passion for moving your institution in new directions!

About the Resource Leaders:
Dr. Eileen Hulme and Dr. Joretta Nelson are the principal presenters for this advanced institute. Eileen has served as a deeply respected faculty member and leader in Azusa Pacific University's Higher Education doctoral programs since 2005. She possesses over 30 years of experience in higher education administration, including three vice presidencies. Eileen has taught at both the master’s and doctoral levels for the past 15 years and co-directed the M.S. in Student Services Administration Program at Baylor University. Her research interests include the development of curiosity in college students, the dynamics of leading change on campus, and the impact of design thinking. During this gathering at Cedar Springs, she will present the latest literature, drawing from several years of teaching a “Leading Change” doctoral course.  In addition, Eileen will present key findings from interviews conducted with innovative leaders on 120 campuses over the past three years.  Among these findings is the identification of seven characteristics of institutions that are modelling effective change initiatives.

Joretta serves as Senior Vice President and Owner at Credo, a national consulting firm primarily oriented toward strengthening private colleges and universities; she leads the area of student success.  Prior to joining Credo, she served on the senior leadership teams at Brevard College and Union College, in addition to teaching experience at Hope International University and Azusa Pacific University. Joretta completed a B.A. from UCLA, graduate work at California State University – Fullerton, and her Ph.D. in Higher Education from Azusa Pacific University. Joretta’s dissertation and areas of research revolve around student motivation and the role of psychosocial factors in improving conditions for student success.

Additional Resource Leaders will be President Deana Porterfield (Roberts Wesleyan College), Dr. Karen Longman, Ph.D. Program Director and Professor of Higher Education (Azusa  Pacific University), and CCCU President Shirley Hoogstra.

Registration Requirements
The majority of available slots in the 2017 WALI program will be reserved for women who have previously participated in a CCCU LDI program. As with past WALIs, on a limited basis it may be possible to involve a handful of participants who have not previously participated in a Cedar Springs program.  These individuals should be more “advanced” in their leadership journey than participants in the foundational Women’s Leadership Development Institutes (next offered in June 2018).  Women who have participated in a previous CCCU leadership institute are welcome to apply, up to a maximum of 25 available slots. Individuals interested in participating who have not previously been involved with a CCCU LDI should send an inquiry consisting of a brief statement about how/why the WALI topic is relevant at this career stage, with C.V., to Karen Longman, WALI Director, klongman@apu.edu.