Tuition Waiver Exchange Program

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The Cost

Each participating member institution is obligated to accept at least one new incoming student (with a recommendation of three incoming students per year) from other participating institutions and to provide full educational benefits with a waiver of the institution's regular tuition. Assuming that a participating college admitted three students each year under this program and experienced no attrition, the maximum "investment" would be the tuition remission of twelve students in any one year.

The Benefits

In addition to the opportunity for faculty members, staff and administrators to send dependents to other participating colleges and universities, other benefits include financial considerations. For instance, if space is available in the dormitories, the program probably generates room income that otherwise would not be earned. Student fees other than tuition would be assessed to incoming students. In addition, given that most incoming students would be coming from moderate income families which already have tuition remission plans at their home institutions, it is unlikely that they would have been full-tuition paying students to the receiving institution.

If a participating institution receives a large number of applications for its designated slots and must make choices among them, that institution is granted the privilege of selecting, on the basis of standard admissions criteria or other institution-determined criteria, which applicants to accept. Accordingly, the program could have a positive impact on the academic character of the student body, as well as potentially adding to its diversity.

General Procedures

The Council's Tuition Waiver Exchange Program is open to undergraduate dependents of full-time faculty, staff and/or administrators who have been at the sending institution for one full year prior to TWEP participation, or according to guidelines defined by each of the participating CCCU member institutions. Each participating college agrees to accept at least one (with a recommendation of three) new student from other participating institutions. Students admitted under the program are automatically renewed for up to four years as long as the student remains in good standing with the receiving institution and at least one parent remains a full-time employee of a participating member institution. Once a student is accepted into the program, there is no need for the student to reapply for the program. Participating students are charged normal fees for room, board, student fees and customary fees other than tuition. In general, the receiving school treats the incoming student with regard to tuition waiver in the same way it treats dependents of its own employees.

Each participating institution is welcome to advertise and promote its own program among other participating institutions to the extent that it wishes to do so. Unless otherwise notified, the Council assumes that participation will continue through the academic year. Changes on the list of participating institutions will be made every year for a commitment to students for the four years of their education. The program is a benefit of membership in the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. No fees are charged for involvement.

The Council office serves as the coordinating agency for this Tuition Waiver Exchange Program, making available the list of participating schools (see list above). The basic transactions will be handled between participating colleges through their admissions offices, offices of the chief academic officers and the designated "Contact Person" on each campus. A simple application form is provided to participating institutions to expedite that approval process between participating institutions.

Summary - Agreement and Procedures

  • Applicant students apply directly to the institution(s) of their choice and must meet normal admissions requirements in order to be considered for the Council's Tuition Waiver Exchange Program. Due to the limited space for TWEP students, applications should be submitted as early as possible.
    Only dependents of full-time faculty, staff and administrators are eligible for involvement in the program.  One full year of employment is required prior to TWEP participation.
  • Applicants should communicate their interest to the Contact Person at the "sending institution." That Contact Person completes a TWEP application form. Copies of the form are sent to the Contact Person at the "receiving institution," where it is given consideration once the student has been accepted for admission.
  • Students granted a tuition waiver under the Council program are to be automatically renewed for up to four years as long as the student remains in good standing with the receiving institution and at least one parent remains a full-time employee of a participating member institution.
  • Applicants are encouraged to seek outside financial aid in addition to applying for the Tuition Waiver Exchange Program. All such financial aid awards are to be carried to the receiving institution, which should establish policies dealing with specific financial aid awards.
  • The receiving college's financial commitment to students involved in this program is limited to tuition. All non-tuition charges (e.g., room, fees and board) are the responsibility of the student.
    The Admissions Office of the receiving institution informs applicants of their admissibility; the Contact Person informs applicants of their acceptance or rejection regarding the requested tuition waiver.
  • The Council's board of directors encourages participating TWEP colleges and universities to extend the opportunity of participation in TWEP to dependents of full-time Council employees who have been employed by the CCCU for more than one year.

For more information, contact:

Christina Zigler

Executive Assistant to the President